Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


CCE offers classes for students in grades 2-12. A student must be age 7 by September 1st to be eligible for CCE enrollment. 

We are happy to offer the opportunity to take classes a la carte, choosing what works best for your children and your family. Study halls are available if a student has a gap between classes they wish to take. Study halls are offered at a tuition rate of $40 per student/per class.
Exception: Our 2-4 program is designed for full-time students. Single classes will only be made available if there are available slots and if this does not result in these students needing a study hall period, i.e. only morning classes for example. Families requesting part-time enrollment for their 2-4 students will be placed on a wait list until the start of the semester to allow these slots to remain available for full-time students.

CCE is unable to guarantee internet access to students while at CCE. Students may register for a study hall period during the day to work on other courses, and while CCE does not offer internet access, students may provide their own internet access (for example, via mobile hotspot). In addition, CCE cannot provide any assistance or guarantees of technical support or access to any online classes while on campus.  


CCE does not offer either grades or credit for classes taken at CCE. Parents should contact individual teachers if further documentation of coursework and/or progress is desired.

CCE is an enrichment program and does not substitute for the requirements of establishing a home education program in the state of Colorado. 

CCE is neither an umbrella nor independent school. You can find independent school resources on our Resources page. 


You only fill out the registration form once. There are sections that allow you to add information and course selections for each child. 

If you are requesting to change courses you’ve registered for, please email those requests rather than filling out a new registration form. 

All exceptions are made at the discretion and recommendation of our teachers. There may be other factors to consider as well. CCE coordinators make the final determination, but will not place an ineligible student in a class without teacher approval. Please email any course selection exception requests. Each will be evaluated individually. If an exception is granted, but this keeps another eligible student on the wait list, the exception can be reevaluated and revoked in order to allow an eligible student to access that class. 


There are several options for co-ops in the homeschool community. However,  CCE offers a drop-off program, with classes taught by dedicated and talented teachers. All of our tuition, fee, and fundraising proceeds go towards teacher stipends, program administration costs, and scholarships for our families. Those running CCE are volunteers. CCE is truly a non-profit organization! If you would like to help support the mission of CCE, please consider volunteering at CCE and joining into our fundraising efforts

After registration, you’ll receive a detailed invoice with your tuition and fees for the semester. There will also be a link to pay by credit card. Payment by cash or check can be mailed or paid in person. 

Our current tuition rates are listed on our Tuition Rates page. 

Tuition may be paid in full, in two equal payments, or in three equal payments. See our Tuition Rates page for more details. 

CCE is happy to assist families through our Scholarship Program. See our Scholarship Program page for more details. 


CCE is unable to provide any direct services for students with special needs. However, we are happy to discuss this with you to determine if we are able to support your child in attending and participating in CCE, and if the CCE model is a good fit for your child. 

Every year is different at CCE, with a diverse selection of classes offered to our community. If you have a proposal for a class at CCE, we’d love to talk with you!

CCE North follows the delay start/closure decisions issued by Jefferson County School District. This information can be found on these sites:

If Jeffco Schools are open, then CCE will meet. We understand that families will use their own discretion in choosing to attend or not during inclement weather. If the choice is made not to attend, it is the responsibility of each parent to contact teachers to obtain missed material and homework assignments.

CCE meets in the Education Center at St. Joseph Catholic Parish in Golden, Colorado.