CCE Scholarship Program

In order to assist families with financial need, CCE North has designated funds for scholarships for participating families. Distribution of assistance is dependent on funds available and the number of requesting families.

Scholarships are distributed according to the following guidelines:

  • The minimum scholarship available is one free class per family.
  • If there are additional funds available, CCE North will offer a maximum of up to one free class per student.
  • Free classes are covered at the top tuition rate of $90. Free classes count toward the tuition tier reduced rate.
  • To receive scholarship funds, the student must be enrolled in and pay for at least one additional class, i.e. the free class cannot be the only class the student is enrolled in.
  • Families receiving scholarship funds are required to meet at least the minimum requirements for on-site volunteering at CCE (buy-out is not available). In addition, scholarship recipients are required to participate in CCE fundraising activities. This can include setting up fundraisers, working at fundraising events, or other activities as arranged with the CCE coordinators.
  • The facility fees, all materials fees, and the insurance fees must be paid by the family and will not be eligible to be covered by the CCE North scholarship. These fees must be paid by the first day of class unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Applications for scholarships should be submitted for each individual semester.
  • Scholarship funds are limited and will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Special circumstances may be taken into consideration and additional funds may be available in certain situations (job loss, widows, parental illness, other extreme hardships).