Building Catholic Culture
Through Education and Community

CCE Mission Statement

Classically Catholic Enrichment North (CCE North) is a Catholic homeschool enrichment program for grades 2-12, serving families in the Denver, Colorado, area.

CCE’s mission is to build Catholic culture through education, the practice of virtue, and the support of our community and families. The teachers, leaders, and families of CCE are committed to opening the minds, hearts, eyes, and souls of our children to what is beautiful, what is true, and what is good in God’s creation.

To further this mission, CCE provides a once-a-week educational enrichment program to Catholic homeschooling families, taught by teachers who are informed by their Catholic faith and are highly talented and qualified. By meeting weekly, CCE offers opportunities for our children and families to develop and nurture good and holy friendships and to build and support our Catholic homeschool community.

CCE offers classes for students in grades 2-12. We meet each Thursday, for 12 weeks each in the fall and the spring. Participants can come for a full day or attend part-time. This past year, we had the pleasure of welcoming over 60 students to our program!

In addition, CCE hosts events and activities throughout the year, including Young Ameritowne, International Towne, drama classes, field trips, and guest speakers.